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Figure 2

From: T cells cooperate with palmitic acid in induction of beta cell apoptosis

Figure 2

Apoptotic cell death of RIN cells under the influence of PA and Sn. RIN cells were cultivated in the absence (medium) or presence of 125 μM PA and/or 40% Sn for 6 hours (A, C-F) or 4 hours (B). Subsequently, the cells were stained with AnnV/EtD-III and cytofluorimetric acquisition and analysis were performed (A, C-F) or they were analyzed for caspase-3 activity (B). Mean values +/- SD of values obtained in 3 (A) and 4 (B) individual experiments with similar results are presented. *p < 0.05 represents a statistically significant difference between values obtained from cultures of RIN cells treated with PA and Sn and any other culture of RIN cells. Plots of the cells stained with AnnV/EtD-III from a representative experiment are presented in the lower panel (C-F), where numbers in the lower right quadrant of the plots are the percentage of apoptotic cells and numbers in the upper right quadrant are the percentage of necrotic cells.

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