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Figure 3

From: T cells cooperate with palmitic acid in induction of beta cell apoptosis

Figure 3

Cooperation of mouse Sn, heated Sn, cytokines, CD3+Sn with PA in reduction of RIN cell viability. RIN cells were cultivated in the absence (medium) or presence of 125 μM PA and/or 40% C57Bl/6 mouse Sn (SnM – A), and/or 40% Sn or Sn boiled for 10 minutes (SnB-B), and/or 10 ng/ml IL-1β, 10 ng/ml IL-6, 10 ng/ml IFN-γ, 10 ng/ml TNF-α, 50 ng/ml IL-17 and 100 ng/ml IL-2 (cytokines – C) and/or 40% Sn obtained from CD3+ LNC or CD3- LNC (SnCD3+, SnCD3- – D). MTT assay was performed after 20 hours of cultivation and the results are presented as the percentage of control absorbance values obtained in cultures grown in medium alone. Mean values +/- SD of values obtained in 11 (A), 7 (B), 5 (C) and 4 (D) individual experiments with similar results are presented. *p < 0.05 represents a statistically significant difference between values obtained from cultures of RIN cells treated with PA and SnM (A) or PA and Sn (B) or PA and cytokines (C) or PA and SnCD3+ (D) and any other culture of RIN cells.

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