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Figure 6

From: Control of CD56 expression and tumor cell cytotoxicity in human Vγ2Vδ2 T cells

Figure 6

IL-2 induces expression on Vγ2+ cells without expansion. Ex vivo PBMC were collected from our 3 donors and depleted of CD56+ cells by magnetic cell separation. Samples were cultured for 14 days with IPP+IL-2 or IL-2 alone. Cells were collected from the cultures at regular intervals and analyzed for Vγ2 and CD56 expression by FACS. The percentage of Vγ2+ cells in the cell lines are shown in Figure 6A. The ratio of CD56+ Vγ2+ to CD56- Vγ2- cells was calculated and plotted in Figure 6B. Samples that were treated with IL-2 alone are shown in gray, while black markings indicate IPP-expanded cultures. We also measured changes in Vγ2+ cells during 14 days after IPP+IL-2. For ND001, Vγ2+ cells went from 1.6 × 107 to 9.1 × 107 cells (5.7 fold increase), for ND006 the increase was from 1.2 × 107 to 6.7 × 107 cells (5.6 fold increase) and for ND019 the increase was from 1.8 × 107 to 8.4 × 107 (4.7 fold increase).

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