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Figure 6

From: Structural and functional studies of STAT1 from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Figure 6

SDS-PAGE followed by Western blot showing expression of STAT1 protein in salmonid cell-lines. Antibodies against salmon STAT1 (α-STAT1 1:2,000), actin (α-actin, 1:1,000) and Mx (α-Mx, 1:1,000) were used. (A) CHSE-214 and TO cells were harvested 24 h after stimulation with IFN-a1 (10 U/mL) and IFNγ (200 ng/mL) along with an unstimulated control, C. (B) CHSE-214 and TO cells were infected with IPNV (MOI = 4) and harvested at 12, 24 and 48 h p.i. TO cells were also infected with ISAV (MOI = 4) and harvested at 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 h p.i. Actin was used as a loading control and Mx protein detected after the membrane was stripped and reprobed. M = MagicMark molecular weight marker.

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