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Figure 8

From: Mast cell repopulation of the peritoneal cavity: contribution of mast cell progenitors versus bone marrow derived committed mast cell precursors

Figure 8

MCcp home to the bone marrow . MCcp (AA4-/BGD6+) and MCp (AA4+/BGD6+) were immunomagnetically isolated from the bone marrow and labelled with CellTracker Green CMFDA™ or CellTracker Red CMTPX™ respectively. The labelled cells were then infused into the tail vein of rats and at various times after infusion bone marrow (A), spleen (B) and lungs (C) were collected. The entire tissue was dissociated and the presence of labelled cells analyzed by FACS. The data is expressed as the number of labelled mast cells/105 cells. The average of 3 independent experiments ± SD is shown.

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