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Table 1 The primers used in the present study for RT-PCR

From: Resistin enhances the expansion of regulatory T cells through modulation of dendritic cells

Primer Sequences AT* Product size NCBI numbers
   (°C) (bp)  
FoxP3 forward: 5'-AGT TCC TCC ACA ACA TGG AC-3' 57 219 NM_014009
  reverse: 5'-CAA AGC ACT TGT GCA GAC TC-3'    
TGF-β forward: 5'-AAA GAC TTT TCC CCA GAC CT -3' 58 155 NM_000660
  reverse: 5'-AAG GTG GGT GGT CTT GAA TA -3'    
IRF-1 forward: 5'-GTG AAA GAC CAG AGC AGG-3' 57 400 NM_002198
  reverse: 5'-CTG TTG TAG CTT CAG AGG-3'    
IL-12p40 forward: 5'- GGA CCA GAG CAG TGA GGT CTT-3' 57 209 AF180563
  reverse: 5'-CTC CTT GTT GTC CCC TCT GA-3'    
IL-6 forward: 5'- TAG CCG CCC CAC ACA GAC AG-3' 61 408 NM_000600
  reverse: 5'-GGC TGG CAT TTG TGG TTG GG-3'    
IL-10 forward: 5'- AGA AAG GCA TCT ACA AAG CCA-3' 58 239 NM_000572
  reverse: 5'-TGG GGG TTG AGG TAT CAG AG-3'    
CTLA-4 forward: 5'- AGT TTT GTG GAG GAG CTC AG-3' 57 247 AF414120
  reverse: 5'-CTC CTG GAG TAA GCC ATT GT-3'    
β-actin forward: 5'- GGA CTT CGA GCA AGA GAT GG-3' 55 234 NM_001101
  reverse: 5'-AGC ACT GTG TTG GCG TAC AG-3'    
  1. *AT, annealing temperature