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Table 1 A - Three-week but not four-week old BMMC are capable of antigen presentation and B - Loss of APC function between three and four week old BMMC

From: The antigen presentation function of bone marrow-derived mast cells is spatiotemporally restricted to a subset expressing high levels of cell surface FcεRI and MHC II

DBA/2 (H-2d) Culture conditions Antigenic stimulation (SI)
Background (CPM)
4 week old BMMC, GM-CSF primed OVA OVAp IgE-TNP-OVA None
  WEHI-3 0.74 1.1 .95 1,504
  D11 sup .86 .76 .58 2,045
  Rec IL-3 .75 .80 .63 1,786
  SCF 1.3 .67 .75 1,745
  WEHI-3+SCF .95 .87 1.0 3,164
  WEHI-3+IL-4 .79 .83 .87 2,568
3 week old BMMC, GM-CSF primed     
  WEHI-3 7.8* 8.5* 14.4* 2,359
  SCF 10.5* 9.6* 15.2* 2,790
  WEHI-3+IL-4 8.5* 7.4* 22.3* 3,876
B10.BR (H-2 k )   Antigenic stimulation (SI)
4 week old BMMC GM-CSF primed PCC PCCP IgE-TNP-PCC  
  WEHI-3 sup 1.4 1.3 0.8 2,140
  +IL-4 1.2 1.3 .9 1,398
3 week old BMMC, GM-CSF primed     
  WEHI-3 14.4* 9.8* 18.2* 2,575
  +IL-4 15.2* 12.1* 17.4* 2,132
DBA/2 (H-2 d ) Culture conditions Antigenic stimulation (SI)
Background (CPM)   
Days old of BMMC GM-CSF primed, in WEHI-3 media IgE-TNP-OVA None   
Day 22 ibid. 10.8* 1,799   
Day 23 ibid. 12.1* 1,325   
Day 24 ibid. 14.5* 2,569   
Day 25 ibid. 12.6* 1,634   
Day 26 ibid. 3.3* 2,788   
Day 27 ibid. 0.86 2,961   
  1. 1A: BMMC (H-2d, or H-2k) were prepared by culturing bone marrow cells in the presence of different sources of IL-3 (20% supernate) or SCF (1 μg/ml) for three or four weeks with weekly decanting of adherent cells. BMMC were primed with GM-CSF (100 U/ml) for 48 hr and some cultures in addition treated with IL-4 at 100 U/ml. BMMC (H-2k) and PCCP-specific AD10 T-cell line were stimulated with pigeon cytochrome c (PCC), PCC peptide (PCCP) or IgE-TNP-PCC complexes at 10 μg/ml for 48 hr and IL-2 production was determined. 1B: For daily assessment of APC function from day 22 to day 27 of the fourth week, nonadherent BMMC were directly obtained from the WEHI-3 supplemented culture wares in the fourth week culture (Day 22 to Day 27) without culture media or plate change. Background CPM was determined in cocultures of differently-treated BMMC plus T cells without antigen stimulation. Stimulation index (SI) was computed as quotients of total CPM of 3H-thymidine uptake of the antigen-stimulated cultures over nonantigen-stimulated controls. Triplicates were set for each group of stimulation and the non-stimulated control, and the means and SE were computed and two-tailed t-test of the antigen-stimulated group compared to background CPM was performed; SE of all observations were calculated within 15% of the computed means. To simplify data, SI with p values < 0.01 was denoted as a * marks in cocultures with competent BMMC stimulation. SI of the group without the mark indicated a failure or loss of antigen presentation by extended cultured mast cells. L-2 secreted in the coculture supernatants was determined by stimulating proliferation and 3H-thymidine uptake of IL-2 dependent NK3 cell line.