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Figure 1

From: Natural killer cells are crucial for the efficacy of Icon (factor VII/human IgG1 Fc) immunotherapy in human tongue cancer

Figure 1

Production and binding activity of Icon protein. a. Molecular weight of the Icon protein produced by CHO cells analysed by SDS-PAGE. fVII: mouse factor VII with K341A mutation; H: hinge region of a human IgG1 Fc; CH2 and CH3: the second and third domains of the constant region on the heavy chain of a human IgG1 Fc. b. Binding activity of Icon protein to human tongue cancer TCA8113 cells by flow cytometry. Control: TCA8113 cancer cells were not incubated with Icon but with secondary antibody FITC. Mouse Icon: the cells were incubated with Icon protein then with the secondary antibody to human IgG Fc FITC. c. Immunoprecipitation Western-blotting analysis of Icon protein production by TCA8113 cells one day after infection with AdmIcon (lane 1) or AdBlank (lane 2). The serum free culture medium from uninfected TCA8113 cells was used as uninfected control (lane 3). M: Protein markers (Bio-Rad All blue). Molecular weights (kDa) of the protein markers are indicated. Data are representative of two experiments.

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