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Figure 2

From: Natural killer cells are crucial for the efficacy of Icon (factor VII/human IgG1 Fc) immunotherapy in human tongue cancer

Figure 2

Lysis of TCA8113 cancer cells by Icon-dependent NK cell-mediated ADCC and complement-mediated CDC in vitro. a. Isolation of murine NK cells from a single cell suspension of splenocytes from SCID/CB-17 mice. b. Icon-dependent NK cell-mediated ADCC. c. Icon-dependent complement-mediated cytotoxicity. Note that % specific lysis was derived from the % of cytotoxicity of Icon + NK cell or Icon + complement subtracted by % of cytotoxicity of NK cell alone or complement alone. P values and no significance (ns) were analysed by unpaired t test (b) or one way ANOVA with Tukey's Multiple Comparison Test (c). Data are representative of two experiments.

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