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Figure 4

From: PAR1- and PAR2-induced innate immune markers are negatively regulated by PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in oral keratinocytes

Figure 4

PAR-induced secretion of CXCL5 is increased when PI3K is inhibited. HOKs were incubated with Wortmannin at 25-400 nM for 1 h. Then cells were stimulated with thrombin (10 U/ml), trypsin (10 nM) or inactivated form of thrombin and trypsin by using PPACK (180 nM) and TLCK (10 μM), respectively, for additional 1 h. Subsequently cells were washed and incubated in fresh medium for 24 h. CXCL5 and CCL20 were measured in the culture supernatant using ELISA. Data are representative of two separate experiments using cells from different donors.

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