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Figure 2

From: Inhibition of TLR8- and TLR4-induced Type I IFN induction by alcohol is different from its effects on inflammatory cytokine production in monocytes

Figure 2

Prolonged alcohol exposure down regulates TLR8- or TLR4- induced IFNβ expression both at protein and mRNA levels. Human monocytes (n = 5 or 6) were either treated or not with 25 mM ethanol for 7 days, 2.5 ug/ml CL075 or 0.1 ug/ml LPS for 6 or 24 hours and alcohol treated cells were further stimulated or not with CL075 or LPS for 6 hours (A and C) or 24 hours (B). The cell-free supernatants were collected and analyzed for IFNβ production by ELISA (A and B, n = 6). Total RNA was extracted from the cells and real time PCR was performed to quantify the IFNβ gene expression (C, n = 5). Error bars represent ± SEM. unst: unstimulated, ns: non significant.

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