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Table 2 Comparison of DE genes between SL samples (within SL comparison)*

From: Understanding mechanisms of vitiligo development in Smyth line of chickens by transcriptomic microarray analysis of evolving autoimmune lesions

GeneName/Symbol Accession # NV EV AV CV
Innate immunity-related      
similar to MD-2 BX932484 1.56d 5.47b 8.02a 3.47c
LYZ CR390743 1.40c 4.70b 8.64a 4.22b
lymphotactin BX930561 0.93b 2.29a 2.66a 2.18a
Myeloid antimicrobial peptide 27 DQ092352 0.63b 0.78b 8.71a 12.67a
Estrogen responsive finger protein BX950599 0.95c 2.80a 2.94a 1.91b
GAL7 AY621309 1.00b 0.89b 6.20a 5.59a
GBP X92112 2.56c 11.57a 9.87a 6.09b
Very large inducible GTPase-1 TC195275 0.44c 2.70a 1.99a 0.80b
IRF8 L39767 1.09c 1.66b 2.79a 2.43a
IRF1 L39766 1.58c 5.72a 5.22a 2.52b
TLR15 DQ267901 1.23c 5.49a 7.62a 2.59b
C3 U16848 0.99c 1.57b 2.23a 0.99b
C-C chemokine receptor 11 like TC224438 1.51c 4.49b 6.96a 6.00ab
Chemokine ah294 TC190676 1.51c 6.08a 6.84a 2.78b
Cytokine L34552 1.19c 3.74ab 4.16a 2.61b
CXCR4 AF294794 1.45c 1.99b 3.86a 2.06b
IL15 AF152927 0.91c 1.31b 1.96a 1.26b
IL18 AY775780 1.14d 2.22b 3.74a 1.68c
Beta-defensin CO769187 0.96c 1.12c 10.25b 17.27a
TNFSF13B AJ721035 2.05c 8.89b 14.91a 6.63b
chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 8 AJ720982 1.38c 3.40a 4.07a 2.39b
phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 5 AJ720866 1.19c 1.76b 2.68a 1.57b
CD200 receptor 1 BX935064 1.65a 0.71c 1.27ab 0.96b
C3AR1 AJ720748 2.02c 6.38ab 9.49a 4.73b
MALT1 AJ851524 1.01c 2.56b 3.81a 2.45b
CD39 CR385269 0.89c 1.59b 2.11a 1.45b
FKBP1B BU107658 0.73a 0.39b 0.21c 0.27c
similar to IMMUNE RESPONSIVE PROTEIN 1 AJ720739 1.32c 6.04a 10.21a 3.29b
hematopoietic cell-specific Lyn substrate 1 AJ719284 0.86c 2.24ab 3.36a 1.95b
CD83 CR733120 1.71d 3.71b 5.59a 2.73c
IRF4 AF320331 1.22b 1.38b 3.07a 3.60a
similar to Cathepsin L BX934408 1.25c 2.34b 3.43a 1.80b
Adaptive immunity-related      
CR2 AJ720954 1.16c 5.04b 7.79a 4.47b
POU2AF1 AJ720333 1.95c 4.00b 14.79a 16.84a
BTK AJ719782 0.93c 2.18b 3.25a 2.16b
Mucolipin 2 TC215961 1.36d 5.33b 9.59a 3.25c
PIK3AP1 AF315784 1.29c 2.57b 4.57a 2.92b
CD5 Y12011 0.86c 2.06ab 2.61a 1.69b
TRAF3-interacting JNK-activating modulator TC210615 1.64c 3.07b 4.98a 2.45b
SPI1 Y12225 1.24c 4.08a 5.23a 2.22b
LAT2 BX950412 0.88c 1.25b 2.89a 2.15a
IL2RG AJ419896 1.56c 2.54b 4.22a 2.46b
LCP1 AJ719624 1.05c 1.89b 2.54a 1.54b
CD8 beta chain Z26484 1.31c 3.52a 3.24a 2.11b
TCR beta chain M81150 1.21c 2.55b 3.71a 2.71ab
MHCII U76305 1.21c 2.37b 3.77a 1.84b
B2M AB178593 0.98c 1.77b 2.94a 1.66b
TAP2 AJ843262 1.19c 4.40a 4.26a 2.28b
GZMA AJ544060 2.48b 6.86a 6.79a 2.96b
TYR AB023291 1.22a 1.00a 0.40b 0.07c
TRP1 AF003631 1.03a 1.03a 0.24b 0.03c
MMP115 D88348 0.92a 0.46b 0.17c 0.07d
SLC24A5 TC191950 0.93a 0.50b 0.13c 0.05d
SLC24A2 AF177985 1.08a 0.78b 0.45c 0.48c
GPR143 BX950829 1.16a 0.74b 0.26c 0.11d
V-ATPase C2 subunit TC218700 0.83a 0.62ab 0.50b 0.12c
Shikimate 5-dehydrogenase TC216663 0.86a 0.20d 0.29c 0.51b
NPY M87294 1.03a 0.13d 0.41c 0.94b
CRYAB U26661 1.14a 0.18c 0.24b 0.56b
BLVRA BU468223 0.96c 1.27c 1.80b 2.91a
GSTA1 L15386 1.19c 0.73c 2.00a 1.40b
Gp91-phox TC214833 1.50d 3.01c 10.02a 5.43b
CD163 CR406525 1.39c 2.18b 3.93a 1.80c
neutrophil cytosolic factor 1 AJ719555 0.90d 2.57b 4.64a 1.49c
Cytochrome b TC220424 1.38b 5.06a 6.91a 5.14a
Acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2 TC206581 1.08d 3.58a 2.28b 1.59c
LITAF AB058634 1.41d 5.48c 14.05a 9.29b
CARD11 AJ851540 1.03c 2.63b 4.62a 2.01b
Gasdermin 1 AJ721093 0.83c 2.14a 2.89a 1.27b
TRAF5 AJ720372 1.30c 2.65b 4.25a 2.35b
PDCD1 CR390246 1.44d 3.91a 5.67a 2.38c
GJA5 M35043 1.01a 0.73b 0.51c 0.43c
TMEM9 TC216868 0.91a 0.70b 0.51c 0.32d
ATP synthase F0 subunit 8 TC213211 1.20c 3.40a 3.30a 2.13b
Novel Ras family member protein TC196126 1.28c 2.64ab 3.31a 2.23b
KCNMB1 AF077369 0.83c 1.78b 2.80a 2.51a
BTN1A1 AY847576 0.81c 1.79b 2.53a 1.84b
TF AB215094 0.97d 2.41b 3.83a 1.54c
GPR174 AJ719761 2.04c 4.02b 6.58a 3.92b
LIMD2 AJ721104 0.93c 1.62b 2.31a 1.54b
TSPAN15 AJ720604 1.00c 2.01b 3.27a 1.69b
LOC423781 CR405911 0.86c 2.42b 4.26a 2.37b
ASAHL BX950518 1.47c 3.60b 6.29a 2.87b
SYT12 BX936066 0.80a 0.59b 0.33c 0.42c
AKAP12 BX932296 0.96a 0.71b 0.46c 0.39c
AGR2 BX934938 0.88a 0.67b 0.41c 0.38c
similar to Rho-GTPase-activating protein 6 CR407051 1.08d 2.50b 3.66a 1.44c
FBP2 BU312699 1.06a 0.63b 0.46c 0.37c
  1. *: NV indicates that growing feather samples were from SL chickens that never developed vitiligo; EV, AV, and CV indicate that growing feather samples were collected from SL chickens with vitiligo (SLV) within 1 week before SLV onset, during active depigmentation and at least one week after complete loss of pigmentation, respectively. Normalized microarray data were filtered to include only fluorescence values above 100 and analyzed by JMP genomics 4 to determine differences in NV, EV, AV and CV gene expression levels. Values in the body of the table were mean expression (n = 3) relative to BL samples, where numbers > 1 and < 1 represents up-regulated and down-regulated expression, respectively. Means without a common letter were significantly different at P ≤ 0.05