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Figure 7

From: Synthesized OVA323-339MAP octamers mitigate OVA-induced airway inflammation by regulating Foxp3 T regulatory cells

Figure 7

FCM detection of the inhibitory effect of Treg cells on Teff proliferation. CD4+CD25+ T cells from normal mice and OVA-challenged with or without intervention mice were isolated using immunomagnetic beads, then co-cultured with effector CD4+ lymphocytes and CD11c+ APC from normal mice for 5 days with OVA (1 mg/ml) stimulation. Effector T cells proliferation in response to OVA stimulation was assessed by FCM. The results showed that the proliferation cycles of Teff cells co-cultured with OVA323-339MAP group were four cycles, less than that in the OVA group and Teff without Treg cells group (six cycles). Data represent one of three independent experiments.

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