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Figure 2

From: Adoptive transfer of IL-4Rα+ macrophages is sufficient to enhance eosinophilic inflammation in a mouse model of allergic lung inflammation

Figure 2

Protocol for macrophage transfer and inflammation induction. Bone-marrow derived macrophages (BMM) were derived from IL-4Rα+/+ or IL-4Rα-/- mice on the RAG2-/- background as described in the Materials and Methods. BMM were washed and transferred to BALB/c IL-4RαxRAG2-/- mice by IP injection at 5 × 106 cells per mouse. The next day, in vitro differentiated OVA-specific TH2 cells were injected IV at 1 × 107 per mouse. They were then sensitized to 100 μg chicken egg ovalbumin (OVA) adsorbed to aluminum hydroxide (Alum) via i.p. injection on day 0 and boosted with the same reagent on day 14. Mice were exposed to 1% OVA in PBS by nebulization for 20 min each day on days 19, 22, and 27.

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