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Figure 5

From: Adoptive transfer of IL-4Rα+ macrophages is sufficient to enhance eosinophilic inflammation in a mouse model of allergic lung inflammation

Figure 5

Phenotype of macrophages in the lungs of recipient mice. BMM were prepared from IL-4Rα+/+ or IL-4Rα-/- mice as described above. Where indicated BMM (5 × 106) were transfered by IP injection to IL-4RαxRAG2-/- mice on day -1. On day 0 all mice were injected with TH2 cells derived from D011.10 mice (1 × 107). The mice were immunized with OVA/alum on day 1 as indicated, followed by boost and challenge as described in Figure 2. Lung digests were prepared from mice (n = 4) as described in Materials and Methods, pooled, and counted. Lung cells were stained with anti-CD11b, and anti-F4/80, along with anti-IL-4Rα or control IgG. A. Live cells were gated on forward by side scatter and analyzed for F4/80 by CD11b staining. B. The cells were gated for high expression of CD11b and F4/80 and analyzed for expression of IL-4Rα. The histograms comparing control staining (dotted line) to anti-IL-4Rα staining (solid line) of the gated cells is shown. C. The numbers of cells expressing the markers were calculated using the percentages of cells in each quadrant in Panel (A) and the total lung cells recovered. These results are representative of 2 independent experiments.

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