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Table 8 List of TCR BV families and antibodies used in the flow cytometry assay

From: Quantification of total T-cell receptor diversity by flow cytometry and spectratyping

Antibody names Clone Family name
V β 1 BL37.2 TRBV9
V β 2 MPB2D5 TRBV20
V β 3 CH92 TRBV28
V β 4 WJF24 TRBV29
V β 5.1 IMMU157 TRBV5
V β 5.3 3D11 TRBV5
V β 5.2 36213 TRBV5
V β 7.1 ZOE TRBV4
V β 7.2 Zizou4 TRBV4
V β 8.1 & V β 8.2 56C5 TRBV12
V β 9 FIN9 TRBV3
V β 11 C21 TRBV25
V β 12 VER2.32.1 TRBV10
V β 13.2 H132 TRBV6
V β 13.6 JU-74 TRBV6
V β 14 CAS1.1.3 TRBV27
V β 16 TAMAYA 1.2 TRBV14
V β 17 E17.5F3 TRBV19
V β 18 BA62 TRBV18
V β 20 ELL 1.4 TRBV30
V β 22 IMMU 546 TRBV2
V β 23 AF23 TRBV13
  1. The antibodies were purchased from Immunotech (Beckman Coulter) and used for the analysis. A kit IOTest Beta Mark became available during the study and was used in place of individually purchased antibodies. Nomenclature of the IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system