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Figure 9

From: An investigation into IgE-facilitated allergen recognition and presentation by human dendritic cells

Figure 9

Th1 and Th2 cytokine responses to stimulated myeloid DCs, demonstrating the effect of Der p 1 taken up via IgE 2C7, and using non-specific human IgE antibodies as controls, on naïve T cell polarisation. Myeloid DCs were pre-loaded with Der p 1, with and without IgE 2C7 antibody, prior to establishing DC-naïve T cell co-cultures. T cells were re-stimulated at day 10 with PMA (15 ng/ml) and Ionomycin (1 ug/ml). The following conditions were used: cells only and Der p 1, with and without IgE 2C7 or IgE control (n =4). The data presented represent the average of four independent experiments expressed as mean ± SEM.

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