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Table 1 Amount of starting material and percent present calls on Exon arrays

From: Validation and implementation of a method for microarray gene expression profiling of minor B-cell subpopulations in man

Protocol Sample Starting amount Amount of aRNA/cDNA after processing Present call
Ambion KMM-1 100 ng 44.9 μg 61%
  SU-DHL-5 100 ng 29.1 μg 57%
  U2932_M 100 ng 40.8 μg 64%
  OPM-2 100 ng 35.8 μg 61%
  Negative control 0 ng 5.2 μg  
NuGEN KMM-1 1 ng 7.2 μg 51%
  SU-DHL-5 1 ng 7.1 μg 46%
  U2932_M 1 ng 6.9 μg 51%
  OPM-2 1 ng 7.6 μg 50%
  Negative control 0 ng 0.8 μg  
  1. Total RNA from the same four CCLs was either processed with the Ambion or NuGEN protocol. The input amount for the NuGEN protocol was reduced by 100 times and the amount present calls were calculated with the PLIER algorithm in Expression Console (Affymetrix). Negative control is amplification without total RNA.