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Figure 2

From: Activation of macrophages by silicones: phenotype and production of oxidant metabolites

Figure 2

Silicone enhances the production of oxidative metabolites by Mφ. Rat peritoneal cells (n = 4/group) were loaded with DCFH-diacetate, and the oxidation of DCFH by unstimulated and PMA-stimulated cells was assessed by flow cytometry. Macrophages were selected on the basis of their characteristic forward scatter (FWS) and side angle scatter (SS). Standard errors of the means are depicted. A representative of two experiments performed is shown. DCFH: dichlorodihydrofluorescein. a p < 0.05; b p < 0.01 and c p < 0.001 vs. Normal. ANOVA test and Student-Neuman-Keuls post test comparisons were used in these experiments.

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