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Figure 3

From: Activation of macrophages by silicones: phenotype and production of oxidant metabolites

Figure 3

Silicone induces the production of NO by Mφ. Adherent peritoneal cells (n = 4/group) were cultured with medium, AG, LPS or AG plus LPS for 48 h; the NO production was measured by a colorimetric assay using the Griess reagent. Standard errors of the means are depicted. A representative of three experiments performed is shown. a p < 0.05 vs. Normal, b p < 0.01 vs. Normal, c p < 0.01 vs. LPS, d p < 0.001 vs. Medium, e p < 0.001 vs. LPS. ANOVA test and Student-Neuman-Keuls post test comparisons were used in these experiments.

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