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Figure 3

From: IL-4 dependent alternatively-activated macrophages have a distinctive in vivo gene expression phenotype

Figure 3

FIZZ1/RELMα expression is increased in response to parasite implant in C57BL/6 but not IL-4 -/- mice. Semiquantitative RT-PCR of FIZZ1/RELMα and β-actin was performed on total RNA samples from the peritoneal lavages of individual mice (A). Real Time PCR analysis of FIZZ1 expression by total cells (B) or F4/80 purified macrophages (C) obtained from peritoneal lavages of implanted or naïve control mice. For the purified NeMφ, each cDNA sample was obtained from individual mice. For the purified control macrophages, the cDNA samples represent pooled macrophages from groups of 2 or 3 mice for a total of 5 mice per control group. Expression levels were measured as a percentage of β-actin expression. Error bars represent one SD from the mean.

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