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Figure 4

From: Polarized Th2 like cells, in the absence of Th0 cells, are responsible for lymphocyte produced IL-4 in high IgE-producer schistosomiasis patients

Figure 4

Lymphocytes from IgE high responder (n = 9) patients have a higher frequency of IL-4 and IL-5 expressing cells than the IgE low responder (n = 9) patients. Lymphocytes from the two groups of individuals were stimulated for a total of 11 h with anti-CD3, CD28, and IL-2 and stained with anti-IL-4-PE and IFN-γ-FITC or anti-IL-5-PE and IL-2-FITC as described in Materials and Methods. The data represent the mean percent of lymphocytes expressing the indicated cytokine from the two groups with their standard error. * p < 0.05 using students T test.

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