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Figure 1

From: Genetic control of the innate immune response

Figure 1

Temporal distribution of the entire 19,000 RIKEN cDNA dataset. Figure 1 describes the distribution of expression of 19,000 RIKEN full-length cDNAs across a 21-hour time course for each of 5 mouse strains, C57Bl/6J, DBA2, BALB/c, C3H/Arc and C3H/HeJlpsd. A normal distribution plot allows standard deviations (SD) from the mean of the population to be calculated (inset). The graph describes a series of overlaid normal distribution plots; each time point is plotted as a normal distribution of signal intensities on the y-axis, frequency on the x-axis, with a log median intensity of 1 across the dataset. Each element is coloured with respect to its expression in the unstimulated C57Bl/6J time point, where blue is expressed at least 2SD below the median, yellow is considered within 2SD of the median and red is at least 2SD above the median.

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