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Figure 3

From: Genetic control of the innate immune response

Figure 3

Functional classification of the core transcriptional program The core inflammatory program consisted of 383 unique transcripts including 146 with no known function. 237 known genes were annotated using GO terms, and the results displayed as a pie graph. Genes were classified into the following groups: cytoskeleton (pink, 43 genes); growth and differentiation (navy, 35 genes); phagocytosis (lavender, 33 genes); cell signalling pathways (blue, 32 genes); transcription (orange, 26 genes); cytokine or chemokine (aubergine, 19 genes); oxidative stress (aqua, 14 genes); apoptosis/ anti-apoptosis (yellow, 13 genes); antigen presentation (maroon, 12 genes) and lipid metabolism (pale blue, 9 genes).

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