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Figure 8

From: Genetic control of the innate immune response

Figure 8

The sensitisation of interferon-responsive transcripts in C57Bl6J mice. The averaged temporal profile of 13 interferon-responsive genes compared between C57Bl/6J and BALB/c mice, where the Y axis represents the fold induction from the unstimulated timepoint and the X-Axis categorises the time points for both mouse strains. The C57Bl6/J profile (red) is induced by 2 hours, whereas the BALB/c profile is delayed at 7hours. This segregation of temporal induction was observed in 18 genes within the conserved TLR4-dependent set, and 3 examples are given: A/ Isg20; B/ Ifi56 and C/ Gbp2 for all 5 mouse strains.

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