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Table 4 Molecular weights (kDa) of the class I and II soluble MHC antigen species detected in rodents and humans. Comparison with four molecular species of similar MW detected in paternal serum using the immunoblot test with anti-chick embryo antibodies, adsorbed with hen serum.

From: Detection in chick embryo of fetoproteins not recognized by the dam's immune system and of soluble alloantigens. Presumptive teratogenic and abortogenic capacity of their specific IgY

sHLA/2-m class I beta 2-m sHLA-HC class Ia sHLA-HC class Ib sHLA-HC class Ic sHLA class II Reference and animal speciesd  
  11 44   33   47 H
   43 39    48 H
   44 40 37–35   49 H
200       50 H
   44 39–36 34   51 H
  12   39 33   52 H
     36   30 H
    39 non-RT1.A associated with β-2 m 36 RT1.Aa   53 R
   43 39 35   54 H
      70 35 M
200    34 32 70 TWe A
  1. aThe heaviest species resulted from cell shedding and included a transmembrane segment and cytoplasmic tail bThe intermediate species resulted from alternate splicing transcript and contained no transmembrane piece cThe lightest species contained neither a transmembrane piece nor a cytoplasmic tail dH = human, R = rat, M = mouse, A = avian, TW = this work eThe author does not prejudge here which MHC class or group the sAlloAg detected in this work belong to