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Table 3 Accession numbers of polypeptide sequences used for alignments in this work.

From: Cloning and characterization of deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) cytokine and chemokine cDNAs

Gene Homo sapiens Rattus rattus Mus musculus Peromyscus maniculatus
IL-2 1009281A NP_446288 X01772 AY247760
IL-6 P05231 NP_036721 NM_031168 AY256518
IL-12a NP_000873 NP_445842 NM_008351 AY247763
IL-13 P35225 NP_446280 NM_008355 AY311480
IL-21 NP_068575 XP_227047 NM_021782 AY247761
IL-23a NP_057668 NP_569094 NM_031252 AY259629
GM-CSF NP_000749 P48750 X02333 AY247762
CCL2 NP_002973 NP_113718 NM_011333 AY271904
CCL3 P10147 AAA80608 NM_011337 AY247759
CCL4 P13236 P50230 NM_013652 AY247758
CXCL2 NP_002080 NP_446099 NM_009140 AY271905