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Figure 1

From: Changes in IgE- and Antigen-dependent histamine-release in peripheral blood of Schistosoma mansoni-infected Ugandan fishermen after treatment with praziquantel

Figure 1

Increases in total cellular histamine content of blood from S. mansoni -infected individuals pre-treatment, 1- and 21-days post-treatment. The changes in total cellular histamine content (ng/ml) from washed blood of S. mansoni-infected individuals (n = 25) from pre-treatment levels to 1-day (black square) or 21-days (open square) after treatment with praziquantel. Any point that plots on the diagonal line is unchanged from the pre-treatment level. The differences in the levels of total cellular histamine were statistically significant between all time points and increased pre-treatment<1-day post-treatment<21-days post-treatment.

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