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Figure 4

From: Changes in IgE- and Antigen-dependent histamine-release in peripheral blood of Schistosoma mansoni-infected Ugandan fishermen after treatment with praziquantel

Figure 4

The relationship between S. mansoni pre-treatment infection intensity and the histamine-releasability from the blood of infected individuals, pre- and post-treatment, after stimulation with anti-IgE or schistosome Ag. Histamine-relasability (the maximum level of histamine-release, expressed as the % of total cellular histamine content of the blood of each individual), from the washed blood cells of S. mansoni-infected individuals after in vitro stimulation with either SEA (n = 29), SWA (n = 32) or anti-IgE (n = 32), compared with the pre-treatment levels of S. mansoni-infection (eggs per gramme of stool, epg). Statistically significant correlations between epg and histamine-releasability are shown (Spearman's rank correlations).

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