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Figure 2

From: Diversity and repertoire of IgW and IgM VH families in the newborn nurse shark

Figure 2

Alignment of VH and partial CH1 of IgM cDNA clones. The deduced amino acid sequences of 25 IgM cDNA clones (Genbank accession # AY609247-AY609274) were aligned with the conventional adult nurse shark IgM (Genbank accession #M92851 [32]) in ClustalW. Dashes (-) indicate identity with the first sequence and gaps introduced to correct alignment are indicated by slashes (/). Identification of framework and CDR are based on previous work [26]. Differences in the framework and CDR separated the clones into six groups (I-VI). The CDR3 varies in length and sequence thus most clones are unique, demonstrating diversity is present at birth in the nurse shark.

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