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Table 1 Immunohistochemical results in rat hind paws after induction of inflammation by carrageenan

From: Inhibition of chemokine expression in rat inflamed paws by systemic use of the antihyperalgesic oxidized ATP

Treatment P2X7 receptor nerve expression P2X7 receptor vascular expression P2X7 receptor expression in lympho-histiocytic cells Quantity of macrophages (HIS36+)
Saline only Strong Strong Weak Very few
Carrageenan only Strong, locally moderate Strong, focally moderate Weak Focally in discrete amount
Carrageenan + OATP intraplantar injection Moderate to weak Moderate to weak Weak to moderate Few
Carrageenan + oATP intravenous administration Weak to absent Very weak (absent in area close to inflammatory infiltrate) Moderate, focally strong Few
  1. Note. A discrete amount of granulocytes are present in carrageenan-treated hind paws.