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Figure 2

From: Human CD57+ germinal center-T cells are the major helpers for GC-B cells and induce class switch recombination

Figure 2

Isolation of human tonsil T cell and B cell subsets examined in this study. T cell subsets and B cell subsets were isolated from tonsils as described in the materials and methods section and were used in this study. The frequencies of the populations in total tonsil CD4+ T or CD19+ B population are 15–25% for CD4+CD57+ GC-Th cells, 50–60% for CD57-CD69+ T cells, 20–30% for CD57-CD69- T cells, 40–60% for CD19+CD38-IgD+ naïve B cells and 30–40% for CD19+CD38+IgD- GC-B cells.

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