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Table 2 Comparison between CyProQuant-PCR and DNA standard-based approaches Efficiencies (E) are deducted from the slopes (S) of the standard curves based on E = 100*(10-1/S - 1). The deducted RT efficiency from the CyProQuant-PCR is calculated by dividing the RT-PCR efficiency from the RNA range (ERT-PCR) by the PCR efficiency from the cDNA range (EPCR).

From: CyProQuant-PCR: a real time RT-PCR technique for profiling human cytokines, based on external RNA standards, readily automatable for clinical use

Target gene CyProQuant-PCR DNA standard-based PCR
  RNA range cDNA range Deducted RT efficiency DNA range
  Slope ERT-PCR Slope EPCR   Slope EPCR
TNF-α -3.610 89 -3.556 91 98 -3.503 93
IL-1β -3.479 94 -3.197 105 89 -3.067 112
IFN-γ -3.843 82 -3.116 109 75 -2.944 119