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Table 6 Inter-experimental reproducibility of the quantification of a range of TGF-β1 and β2-MG RNA standards A set of TGF-β1 and β2-MG RNA standards ranging from 103 to 1010 copies was amplified by RT-PCR. Coefficients of inter-experimental variation were determined from eight different experiments and calculated for threshold cycles.

From: CyProQuant-PCR: a real time RT-PCR technique for profiling human cytokines, based on external RNA standards, readily automatable for clinical use

Absolute copy number Coefficients of inter-experimental variations (%)
  TGF-β1 β2-MG
1.00E+03 1.04 1.20
1.00E+04 1.07 1.19
1.00E+05 0.94 1.13
1.00E+06 0.90 1.08
1.00E+07 0.79 0.95
1.00E+08 0.71 0.91
1.00E+09 0.54 0.93
1.00E+10 0.39 1.18
Average 0.80 1.07