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Figure 1

From: Long-term changes of serum chemokine levels in vaccinated military personnel

Figure 1

Serum chemokine levels in study subjects. A. Chemokine levels in serum samples of multiply immunized military personnel (mult. imm.) and control unvaccinated subjects (non-vacc.) measured by ELISA. Chemokine concentrations are shown for each subject of 2 groups (6 vaccinated and 6 matching unvaccinated individuals). p < 0.001 for MIP-1α and MIP-1β, and p < 0.002 for IL-8. B. Chemokine levels were measured by ELISA in serum samples of subjects vaccinated against Yellow Fever (YFV-imm.) and control individuals (non-vacc.). Results are presented for each subject (10 YFV-immunized and 16 matching controls).

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