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Table 1 Summary of responses detected against each of the peptide sets.

From: CTL epitope distribution patterns in the Gag and Nef proteins of HIV-1 from subtype A infected subjects in Kenya: Use of multiple peptide sets increases the detectable breadth of the CTL response

Peptide Set Number of Responders Number of Responses Detected Epitopes per Responder1
Any Gag 30 65 2.2
Subtype A Gag Consensus 26 50 1.9
Subtype A Gag Isolate (90CF402) 25 39 1.6
Subtype C Gag Isolate (DU422) 25 41 1.6
Subtype D Gag Isolate (98UG57143) 23 41 1.8
Any Nef 24 40 1.7
Subtype A Nef Isolate (92UG037) 24 38 1.6
Subtype C Nef Isolate (DU151) 22 29 1.3
Subtype D Nef Isolate (94UG114) 22 32 1.5
  1. 1An epitope (or discrete epitopic region) was defined as a response to a single peptide or pair of adjacent peptides.