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Figure 7

From: Transcriptional networks in plasmacytoid dendritic cells stimulated with synthetic TLR 7 agonists

Figure 7

Potential transcription regulation of genes through pathways secondary to stimulation of TLR7. Protein-interaction network was generated for expression changes in pDC stimulated with 3M-852A and 3M-011 4 hr post stimulation. Network was generated using the Analyze network (receptor) and the direct interactions algorithms using the whole expression data. The network shows genes altered in expression in the data set that are transcriptionally regulated through NFkB, c-Myc, and CREB1. Potential activation of these transcription factors through the chemokine receptor CCR1, CCR3 and the IL8 receptors is depicted. Bold green lines highlight the canonical pathways for activation of the three transcription factors. Fine lines going out of the transcription factors designate transcription regulation. Remaining network details are as described in Figure 6.

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