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Table 1 Results of a literature review conducted in the medical database MEDLINE (1980–2006) about statistical methods found in immunological studies investigating cytokine expressions.

From: A guide to modern statistical analysis of immunological data

Statistical methods Number of references
Univariate techniques  
Analysis of variance 2908
T-test 420
Mann-Whitney U-test 316
Wilcoxon/McNemar test 193
Univariate linear regression 163
Bivariate correlation analysis 157
Kruskal-Wallis H-test 95
Repeated measures analysis of variance 31
Friedman test 7
Non linear regression 5
Multivariate techniques  
Logistic regression 629
Cluster analysis 192
Multivariate analysis of variance 144
Multiple linear regression 91
Factor analysis/Principal components analysis 80
Analysis of covariance 56
Linear discriminant analysis 51
Partial correlation coefficient 24
Multinomial logistic regression 9
Multivariate analysis of covariance 7
Path analysis/Structural equation modelling 4