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Table 9 Alleles reclassified as "unassigned".

From: HLA class I supertypes: a revised and updated classification

Allele Previous assignment B pocket match F pocket match Comments
A*0102 A01 - A01 full Single difference with A*0101 (F to S) at position 9 in B pocket is non-conservative.
A*2404 A24 A24 full - F pocket key sequence is similar to A02 and B27 (hydrophobic), so A24 is still likely.
A*3401 A03 - A03 full N/K in 63/66 are relatively unique, otherwise similar to A03 in the B pocket.
A*4301 A01 - A01 full Q to N in 63 is only difference with A*2601, so A01 is still likely.
B*1301 B62 B62 key - Unusual F pocket.
B*1302 B62 B62 key - Unusual F pocket.
B*1506 B62 - B07 B27 B44 B62 full Single conservative change (Y to F) at position 99 of B pocket, comapred to B*1501; B62 still likely.
B*1521 B62 - B07 B62 full S to C change in position 67 is the onlyB pocket difference with B*1501, so B62 is still likely.
B*2708 B27 B27 full - Position 77 T to N change is only difference with b*2704, so B27 is still likely.
B*3802 B27 B27 full - I to T in position 80 of the F pocket is the only difference with B*3801, so B27 is still likely.
B*4701 B44 - B27 key Y to F at position 99 is the only difference with B*4402-3 in the B pocket, so B44 is still likely.
B*4901 B44 B44 full - F full pocket is similar to B*3801 (hydrophobic), so B44 is still likely.