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Figure 8

From: Stimulatory effect of Eucalyptus essential oil on innate cell-mediated immune response

Figure 8

In vivo effect of E O on activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 5-FU immuno-suppressed rats. a, Schematic diagram of rats treatment, detailed in Methods. b, Evaluation at T15 of the percentage of circulating granulocytes and monocytes in untreated control (yellow solid bar), in 5-FU immuno-suppressed rats (cyan solid bar) and in rats after 5-FU/E O combined administration (red solid bars). c, d, Cytofluorimetric evaluation of phagocytic activity of granulocytes (c) and monocytes (d) from untreated control, 5-FU immuno-suppressed rats and rats after 5-FU/E O combined administration; the percentage of phagocytic cells (solid bars), as well as the MFI (■), indicative of the number of internalized bacteria/cells, are reported. e, Evaluation of phagocytic activity of rat MDMs performed ex vivo counting the number of phagocytic MDMs, reported as percent of phagocytic cells (solid bars), as well as the number of beads per cells (■).*P < 0.01; **P < 0.001; ns = P not significative.

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