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Table 1 summary of Tlr4 mutation effects (Tlr4Lps-d vs. wild-type)

From: The role of Toll-like receptor-4 in pertussis vaccine-induced immunity

  Pre-challenge Post-challenge Post-challenge Post-challenge
   Non-vaccinated   wP-vaccinated   aP-vaccinated  
Number of bacteria     
Ptx-IgG =1 ND3   ND   
FHA-IgG =2 ND   =   =  
Prn-IgG =2 ND    
Weight gain   =   =   
Lung pathology   =    =  
Pro-inflammatory cytokines4   = =
Th1/Th17 cytokines4   = = =
Th2 cytokines4   = ND ND ND
  1. 1Only aP-vaccinated mice showed detectable Ptx-IgG levels. 2Only wP- and aP-vaccinated mice showed detectable FHA-IgG and Prn-IgG levels. 3ND, not detected. 4First symbol indicates mRNA expression; second symbol indicates production.