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Figure 3

From: Host immunity in the protective response to vaccination with heat-killed Burkholderia mallei

Figure 3

Percentage of survival among C57BL/6 B-cell (μMT), CD4 T-cell (CD4-/-) and CD8 T-cell (CD8-/-)-deficient, HK-vaccinated mice. Two weeks post vaccination, mice were challenged with 2 × 107 CFU/100 μl of live B. mallei by intraperitoneal injection. B-cell-deficient mice demonstrated a 50% decreased survival (p = 0.0888) compared to that of the wild-type mice with a MST of 35.5 days (n = 6). CD4-/- and CD8-/- mice resulted in 60% (p = 0.1343) and 0% reduced survival, respectively (n = 5).

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