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Table 1 Macrophage TLR stimuli used in the experiments underlying IIDB

From: The Innate Immune Database (IIDB)

Stimulus Description
CpG Unmethylated CpG motif (cytosine and guanine separated by a phosphate) bacterial DNA (TLR9-specific stimulant)
LPS Lipopolysaccharide (component of the cell membrane of Gram-negative bacteria), TLR4-specific stimulant
PAM2CSK Synthetic diacylated lipoprotein, TLR2/6 stimulant
PAM3CSK Synthetic triacylated lipopeptide, TLR 2/1 stimulant
Poly(I:C) Polyriboinosinic polyribocytidylic acid (TLR3-specific stimulant)
R848 Synthetic imidazoquinoline resiquimod, TLR 7, 8 stimulant