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Figure 2

From: Quantitative assessment of the robustness of next-generation sequencing of antibody variable gene repertoires from immunized mice

Figure 2

Diversity information was captured for all CDR3 and VDJ clones with an abundance of two or more regardless of ASC diversity (1M/9M). To address undersampling, we used a sequential sampling scheme (bootstrapping) in which CDR3 and VDJ datasets were divided into 1,000 read subsets, which were successively added to virtual samples until they had the same size as the original samples. We performed 200 simulation runs for one sample of each diversity scenario (1M/9M) having the highest ratio of different CDR3 clones to total numbers of CDR3s. Graphs show (A) the percentage of simulation runs with newly seen CDR3/VDJ clones in a given subset; (B) the normalized median CDR3/VDJ species richness; (C) normalized effective number of CDR3/VDJ species, where "normalized" signifies the division by the respective maximal value.

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