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Fig. 4

From: Effect of anti-gliadin IgY antibody on epithelial intestinal integrity and inflammatory response induced by gliadin

Fig. 4

Relative TEER and phenol red permeation measurements to determine effects of anti- gliadin IgY in Caco-2 cells. Pancreatic digested casein (PD-casein) (60 µg); PT-gliadin (60 µg); Non-specific IgY (40 ng); Anti-gliadin IgY (10 ng) and PT-gliadin (60 µg) [1:6,000]. † indicates statistically significant decrease in TEER value (P < 0.05). ‡ indicates statistically significant permeation of phenol red (P < 0.05). Values are shown as mean ± SD. Analysis of each group was done in triplicates per plate. Five plates were repeated (n = 15)

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