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Table 3 Patient characteristics

From: Immunogenicity of twenty peptides representing epitopes of the hepatitis B core and surface antigens by IFN-γ response in chronic and resolved HBV

ID Age Sex Ethnicity HLA class I HBeAg
C1 57 F Black African A2A24 B44B58 C3C16 Neg
C2 46 F Asian A24A31 B35B51 C1C14 Neg
C3 43 M Arab A2A3 B44B47 C6C16 Neg
C4 35 M Asian A11A33 B44B55 C3C7 Neg
C5 52 M Asian A2A33B40B51 C14C15 Pos
C6 33 M White European A2 B14B18 C7C8 Neg
C7 49 F Asian A1A11 B35B52 C4C7 Neg
C8 39 F White European A3A74B15B35 C4 Neg
C9 29 F White European A1A32 B40B44 C3C16 Neg
C10 65 M White European A2A29 B7B44 C7C16 Pos
C11 30 F White European A2 B38B51 C12C15 Neg
C12 26 F White European A2A24 B18B38 C7C12 Neg
C13 43 F Asian A2A26 B56B59 C1C7 Neg
C14 46 M White European A1A2 B37B51 C6C15 Neg
C15 73 M White European A2A3 B7 C7 Neg
C16 53 M Asian A11A24 B13B18 C3C7 Neg
C17 29 F White European A2 B13 C6 Neg
C18 61 F Asian A11A33 B13B58 C3 Neg
C19 40 F Asian A11A33 B44B59 C1C14 Neg
C20 51 F Black African A29A30 B18B45 C6C7 Pos
C21 34 F Asian A24A26 B13B40 C3C6 Pos
C22 30 M White European A2A26 B38B51 C12C15 Neg
C23 62 F White European A2A68 B15B44 C3C7 Neg
C24 51 M White European A2A3 B7B18 C7 Neg
C25 61 M White European A2A26 B7B51 C1C12 Neg
C26 34 F Asian A24A26 B13B40 C3C6 Pos
C27 61 F White European N/A Neg
C28 49 M Asian N/A Neg
C29 37 M Asian N/A Pos
C30 23 M White European N/A Neg
R31 40 F White European A2 B15B44 C1C5  
R32 30 F White European A2A68 B35B44 C4C5  
R33 N/A N/A White European A2A26 B38B40 C12C15  
R34 48 M White European A23A26 B35B44 C4  
R35 65 F White European A1A2 B7B8 C7  
R36 43 F White European A1A11 B8B15 C7  
R37 38 M White European A2A11 B15B55 C3  
R38 69 F White European A2 B7B8 C7  
R39 73 F White European N/A  
R40 25 F White European N/A  
  1. Normal ALT levels were found in all patients except patient C18 and C19 where ALT levels were elevated to 59 and 66 IU/mL (normal range for females is 10–45 IU/mL). No patients were double positive or double negative for HBeAg/anti-HBeAg. Median HBV DNA in the HBeAg positive patients were 81,000 IU/mL (2 – 400.000 IU/mL) and 0.019 IU (0 – 5500 IU/mL) in the HBV negative patients, no statistics were made on HBV genotype since quantification was not possible in 12 of the 30 patients. N/A: not available; F: female; M: male; Pos: positive; Neg: negative