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Fig. 9

From: PHF11 expression and cellular distribution is regulated by the Toll-Like Receptor 3 Ligand Polyinosinic:Polycytidylic Acid in HaCaT keratinocytes

Fig. 9

Distribution of claudin-1 in siRNA transfected cells after 7 days in culture. Cells were transfected with control or PHF11-specific siRNA as already described, treated with poly(I:C) and analyzed 3 days thereafter (a total of 7 days in culture; see Fig. 1). Enlarged images of the boxed areas are shown on the right of the figure and nuclei showing claudin-1 immuno-reactivity are indicated by asterisks. Shown are representative images of three independent experiments. Green: claudin-1; blue: nuclei. Scale bar 20 μM

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