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Fig. 2

From: An effective cytokine adjuvant vaccine induces autologous T-cell response against colon cancer in an animal model

Fig. 2

Preliminary effect of the cytokine adjuvant vaccine Panel (a), shows the pictures of mice with tumors at day 49 from three different groups. Panel (b), shows the pictures of tumors excised from each group of mice and subsequently these tumors were used to calculate the tumor inhibition rate. Panel (c), represents the comparison of tumor volume (left) and weight (right) between tumor, prevention and treatment group. Panel (d), depicts a survival curve analyzed with a log-rank test of Kaplan-Meier curves using mice from Tumor (control), Prevention and Treatment group, where 20 mice of each group were followed for a period of 160 d (Kaplan Meier, p < 0.001). ***denotes p < 0.001

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