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Table 1 Phenotypic identification of myeloid and dendritic subsets in spleen

From: Antigen presenting capacity of murine splenic myeloid cells

Subsets Phenotypea
CD8+ cDC CD11bCD11chiCD8+CD43Ly6CLy6GMHCII+
CD8 cDC CD11b+CD11chiCD8CD43Ly6CLy6GMHCII+
L-DC CD11bhiCD11cloCD8CD43+Ly6CLy6GMHCIISiglec-F
Resident monocytes CD11bhiCD11cloCD8CD43hiLy6C+Ly6GMHCIISiglec-F
Inflammatory monocytes CD11bhiCD11cCD8CD43+Ly6ChiLy6GMHCIISiglec-F
Eosinophils CD11bhiCD11cCD8CD43+Ly6C+Ly6GMHCIISiglec-F+
Neutrophil CD11bhiCD11cCD8CD43+Ly6C+Ly6G+MHCIISiglec-F
  1. a Splenocytes were prepared by removal of red blood cells and T and B lymphocytes, and then cells stained with cocktails of antibodies for separation of subsets and sorting using flow cytometry. The phenotype of myeloid subsets was delineated previously in Hey et al. [10]. The phenotype of cDC subsets was taken from Merad et al. [56]