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Fig. 2

From: Blood handling and leukocyte isolation methods impact the global transcriptome of immune cells

Fig. 2

Sample handling has differential effects on the percent of immune cell types isolated. Blood was processed according to the sample simulation schematic for (a) blood handling (fresh, 1 day at 4 °C, or 1 day at room temperature (20 °C) followed by Ficoll isolation), (b) PBMC isolation method (Ficoll, whole blood lysis, or collagenase plus percoll gradient), or (c) PBMC shipping method (fresh versus CellCover reagent) for Ficoll or filtration isolation methods. For each, example plots on the left are colored according to T cells (CD4+, green), monocytes (CD11b+CD66a, blue), granulocytes (CD11+CD66a+, red), or debris (black). Quantification of percentages of total CD45+ PBMCs are shown for each replicate (n = 3) on the right. Statistical analyses were performed by one-way ANOVA with Tukey’s multiple comparisons test within each cell type. Summary significance is shown in each panel and exact P values are reported in Additional file 1: Table S2

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